3 Things to Know about Hungry Shark World Squid Boss

Have you ever met the hungry shark world squid boss? If no, it is much better to read this page as the preparation. In the game of Hungry Shark World, there are many creatures to meet by the shark. They are starting from the friendly to the dangerous one. Well, the squid boss is one of them that is, unfortunately, considered the dangerous enemy. But even it is quite difficult to defeat this animal; it doesn’t mean you don’t have any chance at all. So, how is it?

The Description of Squid Boss

There are many bosses in the game and each of them has its own characteristics. Squid Boss only has one form and it cannot change its appearance just like the giant crab. Meanwhile, you cannot see this boss anytime but in particular events only. Sure, it has many weapons to attack and even eat the enemies. The tentacles are big and strong enough to slap and damage the shark. At the end, when the enemy is looking weak enough, it is able to continuously attack and then finally it.

In term of the size, this animal is a little bit oversized and it is similar to the mythical creature, kraken. That’s why, it is also known as the kraken boss. Although it is not seen well, the boss is believed to have only one eye. It is proven during the competition in which the shark should face the boss only with one eye. For those facts, this boss is indeed a creepy enemy.

The Location of Squid Boss

The squid boss can be found in the area of the Pacific Islands. Uniquely, it can even appear in the places you may not think about before including in the New Zealand. The location of the squid boss is signed by the Colossal Squid’s Arena. It is where the speed competition between the boss and the enemies are often conducted. If you want to test the ability of the boss, your shark can just join it anyway.

How to Defeat the Squid Boss

The competition between Squid Boss and the shark is more about the speed. Yes, who can attack the enemy more quickly; it seems to be the winner. The only one eye owned by the squid is the key point to win the battle. You need to damage the eye so that he cannot attack you any longer. Pay attention to the tentacles also that may slap you strongly. It is better to avoid the tentacles while fighting against the hungry shark world squid boss.