4 Fun Facts of Hungry Shark Dolphins

Hungry Shark World Dolphins are the characteristics appeared in the game series of Hungry Shark World. Different from the real dolphins in the real world, the dolphin character in Hungry Shark World tends to be fierce and aggressive. As you know, the purpose of the game is eating the prey as much as possible to gain the scores. But sure, the player’s shark must face many barriers, obstacles, and even traps. One of them is from the dolphin. So, how can the dolphins be really dangerous for the shark? Here is the explanation.

The Behavior of Dolphin in Hungry Shark World

As the game is developed as the representation of reality plus some additional elements to make it fun, sure, the dolphin doesn’t eat the shark. However, it has the ability to attack the shark if it tries to approach the mammal. The shark itself may be simply damaged due to the dolphin’s attack that can simply lessen the scores. Moreover, the dolphin is not only one; there are some groups of them swimming around and ready to hurt you.


But actually, you should not worry too much. The dolphins cannot be found anywhere under the sea. There are some locations that are being the main locations in the game. Based on the map of Hungry Shark World, the dolphin areas are in the Pacific Islands and the Arabian Sea. The locations are near the Island of Head and the Aircraft Carrier. Make sure to prepare skills and weapons to face the dolphins once you are entering the location. Sure, you can also eat them up to add your scores.

How to fight against the Dolphins

You don’t have too many choices actually except to improve your level in Tier M and above. With the size of the shark that is relatively big, eating the dolphins up is quite easy. But sure, there is still a possibility that they may damage your shark. You should make a smart and quiet movement like attacking them from behind.

Mutant Dolphins

Despite the dolphins in the Pacific Islands and the Arabian Sea, there is the more dangerous dolphin type found in the Arctic Ocean. Sure, they are more dangerous since they are the mutant dolphins. How the dolphins can turn into the mutant creatures is due to the toxic barrels drowned into the sea. So, when you are playing the game, be careful of the hungry shark world dolphins and mutant dolphins.