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When night falls you will find The Hammerhead Shark in the Hungry Shark Evolution game. This is a shark that must be purchased with real-life money, of course, credit must be available if you want to buy this shark. Hammerhead, in Hungry Shark Evolution, is the third standard shark to be opened soon. Most amazing is that he can grow up to 6 meters, in addition, it can go down to a maximum depth of 200 meters.

In hungry shark evolution, if the shark can reach depths of up to 200, it allows it to get soft prey under the sea without having to catch up when it is at normal depth. Even better, hammerhead shark can swallow crabs even though he is quite large. If you have a mission to defeat the enemy in the depths of the sea water, the hammerhead shark is the most appropriate answer.


Big sharks that can grow up to 6 meters are certainly a new weapon to always win the game. Then, what price do you have to pay to get a Hammerhead Shark? The price is quite fantastic, which is 6,000 coins to open, or 60 gems.


It has enough strength to devour prey and can consume various kinds of prey from within the ocean. Hammerhead Shark can eat lion fish and other hammerhead sharks. He has good Bite skills at level one, he can eat the most prey in less than a second. Some types of food give him the opportunity to fight all enemies that exist together in areas that are not deep. In addition, he also has a wide-ranging meter. With this ability to make the Hammerhead can swallow large numbers of prey with one bite, like many fish or stingrays in one go.

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