About Black Tip Reef in Hungry Shark World the Game

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Of the discussion, this time I will explain about the black tip reef shark, in the real world, the appropriate is not too large because of the black tip reef shark is always there or gather in the coral reef. The game hungry shark world, then you would use the characters from this game to the opening. The black tip reef shark nevertheless made specifically to continue or up grade sharks better. From the data specifications indicate this character is the limit in speed, small bites and boost. However the character of this game is to find enough points required.

When you download a new app from hungry shark world then you will certainly find this character will be used. No additions whats ever, which is the first time you have to use it to find the need points can be used to speed up the boost and other accessories.

In the character of this game the
blacktip reef shark has a very small size (XS) and yellow towards the Orange.
From here you will have the experience of the first use of this shark.  That is where you will get used if it has
enough points to upgrade a bigger shark and use a large shark.

Actually for most recently the first
time you play, you will get the Octopus as a friend you in the adventure at
sea. The Octopus as a pet that will help you quickly in getting hauled off
food. So point increase. The workings of the Octopus is always follow wherever
you go like a remora fish if in the real world. The color of the Red Octopus
with the smaller size of the blacktip reef shark, like pets.

The blacktip reef shark data as

Speed: 84

Bite: 50

Boost: 63

The specification value is small,however the sharks have very small sizes (XS). You will never possibly finish this game just by using characters from the sharks. Although it can be long, in completing the tasks of collecting points.