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Hungry Shark World players will definitely meet with Blob Fish, because these creatures/fish appear in all installments, and are usually found deep under water.

Short description

when you play, Blob Fish will always be found on all Hungry Shark World maps and usually very deep. Will be seen in a number of small groups. Blob Fish is one of the most reliable food sources for any shark, they have the ability to restore a large amount of health, sometimes actually can fill the health bar of a weaker shark.

Blob Fish can always be a friend to help your shark, especially when fighting with Giant Crab. But when you use a very strong shark, lumpy fish cannot restore full health.

Appearance in the World of Hungry Sharks

In Hungry Shark World, Blob Fish will look paler and lay eggs in larger shoals. Blob Fish cannot add as much health as they do in the Evolution of Hungry Sharks.

Characteristics of Blob Fish

  • Blob Fish is usually housed in Crab Lair, along with Crab, Tuna, Giant Crab, and Jellyfish.
  • These makes Blob Fish the best food source to fully refill the health bar from Sharks and Mako Shark that you can use.
  • But Blob Fish will not restore full health to the Megalodon and the stronger if his health is almost empty.
  • Blob Fish lives deep in water. Their bodies become tangled and squashed by the pressure that is not suitable when removed from the water.


Blob Fish looks ordinary if seen from the shape and size. However, for players who don’t want to spend money from their credit cards Blob Fish is a very valuable fish. The special ability of this fish can make the shark you used to get full health. But if you use a very strong shark, Blob Fish can’t return it all.

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