About Hungry Shark Evolution All Special Sharks

The Hungry Shark Evolution all special sharks are limited sharks that can’t be bought with coins. The price of the special sharks are generally expensive, so you should prepare a lot of gems in order to get one of the special sharks. There are three first-generation of special sharks offered by the game. They are electro, ice, and Robo shark. The electro shark’s ability is to stun the prey while boosting at the same time. The ice shark’s ability is to freeze the prey when boosting and give you double points on the frozen prey. As for the Robo shark, it can turn the mine on the map into small projectiles. Once you eat several mines, the shark will be able to shoot a missile.

After the three sharks above, the developer keeps adding sharks into their Hungry Shark Evolution all special sharks. For example, the pyro shark that can breathe fire, generating a meteor storm in the gold rush state, and fly at a certain occasion. Its health is as much as Alan and Mr.Snappy, the other powerful sharks. The game also introduces the players with another special shark, Natasha the Narwhal. Its ability is to throw javelins to kill preys. Its tusk is able to pierce through preys before launching it. During the gold rush state, Natasha the Narwhal can launch an unlimited amount of javelin as long as the gold rush duration is still intact.

There are also Halloween sharks to be added to the Hungry Shark Evolution all special sharks. The Ghost Shark and Wereshark were added in the 2017 and 2018 Halloween respectively. The ghost shark is invincible and instead of gold rush, it has ghoul rush which could be a double-edged blade. The Wereshark can shapeshift into a wolf form. Its gold rush is changed into moon rush, which is a cosmetic change only.  Aside from the mentioned special sharks above, there will be other future sharks that are surely added to the special shark list.