About Hungry Shark Evolution Ghost Shark

As the special shark released during the Halloween in 2017, the Hungry Shark Evolution Ghost Shark is quite capable to be used for a long period. This is because its performance is generally great and its greatest ability is to deny every attack that hit the shark. Aside from that, walls and cages will be instantly broken if touched by the shark. In the game, the ghost shark can be unlocked for 900 gems or 200,000 coins.

There are also abilities that this Hungry Shark Evolution Ghost Shark is capable of. One of the major assets is its low health drain that is, by no mistake, the slowest on the entire game. Its growth rate is also great compared to the other sharks. Because of its ‘zombie’ nature, this shark is able to move fast and have no health drained when touching the land. Aside from that, the ghost shark is invincible from any attack when it is not in the ghoul rush condition. It is its special ability that replaces the gold rush, and they are similar. During the ghoul rush, the ghost shark will move faster and can eat almost anything on the map. The music used when entering the ghoul rush is different from the gold rush and it is kind of cool.

The bad thing about Hungry Shark Evolution Ghost Shark is its expensive cost to unlock. The amount of health of this shark is also on the low tier, which means that it is very problematic especially during ghoul rush where its invincibility effect is deactivated. During the rush, this shark’s health drain will be quicker and boosting will make it slower instead of moving faster. You might notice that this shark is not able to explore all the areas on the map. Therefore, managing how to survive during the ghoul rush is the key to play the ghost shark properly.