About Hungry Shark Evolution Reef Shark

The Hungry Shark Evolution Reef Shark is the basic and your very first shark when you enter the game. Because it is the most basic shark, you can’t expect the reef shark to be extraordinary. But of course, the reef shark is not entirely useless and you can still enjoy the early game stage using it. Because it is your very first shark, you don’t have to unlock it and spend resources.

Who said that this shark is completely useless? This Hungry Shark Evolution Reef Shark is the best at retaining its health bar because the health drain is probably the slowest in the game. It can also achieve the gold rush state quicker than most of the sharks in the game. As a beginner shark, the reef shark is cheap to upgrade and it can level up quickly compared to the others. Also, the missions given when using the shark is relatively easy. The reef shark is also good to go through underwater pressure damage because of its small size. Aside from that, the small size helps the shark to maneuver through various obstacles on the map.

As you can expect from a beginner shark, the Hungry Shark Evolution Reef Shark is labeled as the weakest shark in the game. This is quite true because it eats very slow and the diet is very limited. It can only eat the other reef shark and the other will hunt you down. The health stats and biting power are quite low so you might find this not enjoyable. When you use the reef shark, it can’t explore the entire area and it is completely useless when you touch the land area. One last thing about the reef shark is its low mission rewards so you might find playing this one a little not-so-worthy.