About Hungry Shark Evolution Robo Shark

You are a fan of Hungry Shark Evolution to meet The Robo Shark. This is the third Top-Secret Shark Lab that is feasible to have tried its capabilities. The Robo Shark is a white scaly blue robot shark with a jet engine for fins.

The Cost of The Robo Shark

To get The Robo Shark you must have 180,000 coins or 900 gems to open. Before the 12 Deals of Christmas event, you have to enter every day so that the price can be reduced.

The Ability of The Robo Shark

The Robo Shark has jet-pack capabilities and is a super strong shark that can explode into the sky. These ferocious sharks can eat mines and then fire them all from their robotic jaws. If they passed the robo shark’s mouth, he also devoured the Mini Sub torpedo.

If the mine in this game reaches a target that is far from time, it will allow the Robo Shark to receive a number of health points to the full.

But even so, they still can’t eat Mega Mines and Ultra Mines which are quite strong. But it needs to be understood when the Robo Shark mines collide with one of these mines, it will increase the blast radius of the fired mine, so this allows the Robo Sharks to get more kills and points.

The body of the Robo Shark can hold a maximum of three mines. If he has eaten one mine, the result is that the Robo Shark will be able to shoot 11, moreover one of the round red lights on the shark’s side will turn green.

Well, when all three red round lights are green, this indicates that you have saved 33 mines. Because these missiles are the only sharks that can prey on all enemy sharks without having to enter the Gold Rush or use babies/accessories.

The Robo Shark which has jetpack capability and increases underwater will be more controlled and faster than the normal jetpack on other sharks.