About Hungry Shark World Echo (Ichthyosaur)

In the Hungry Shark World (HSW) game, the big sharks are very reliable for mid to late game.  One of them is Echo the Ichthyosaur, which is an L sized shark in the game. Here is what you need to know about Hungry Shark World Echo (Ichthyosaur).

Echo the Ichthyosaur in HSW

Echo the Ichthyosaur is a special L shark that can be unlocked once you already maxed all of the other L sharks, which are the Mako Shark, Bull Shark, and Goblin Shark. Echo has a special ability to warn you if it swims near hazards, mines, evil sharks, and many more. Once you gain access to Echo the Ichthyosaur, you can unlock it for 50,000 coins or 230 gems.

Compared to the other L sharks, Echo the Ichthyosaur is the fastest shark. Even it can outspeed higher tier sharks such as the Great White Shark, Megalodon, and Big Momma. What is annoying when you play Echo the Ichthyosaur is that it will constantly warn you when it approaches danger. You might find this annoying and uncomfortable when playing this shark. Another ability of this shark is that it can survive on land longer. Echo can also flip in the air and has a very good jumping ability to help you get more scores.

In real life, Echo the Ichthyosaur resembles a type of marine reptile with a length of 15ft. called Opthalmosaurus. In the game, Echo is an albino with a hint of yellow and pink on its certain body parts. It has a purple tail and a bite on its tail. As the fastest special shark on the game, Echo the Ichthyosaur can’t go as fast as in the water when it touches the land.

Echo’s stats in HSW

Already mentioned before, Echo the Ichthyosaur has the highest speed in its tier that can outmaneuver bigger sharks in the higher tier. It has a max speed of 252 so it is very agile. Among the L tier Sharks, Echo has the second lowest health with 168 max health. But, it has a decent max boost and max bite stats with 248 and 257 respectively. Echo the Ichthyosaur can break metals for more points and access certain area throughout the map.

Additionally, it can eat the Lon Fish and enemy L sharks. Similar to the other L Sharks, Echo the Ichthyosaur can bring two pets. Overall, Hungry Shark World Echo (Ichthyosaur) is probably the best L shark in the game so you should get it as soon as possible.