About Hungry Shark World Heidi (Wobbegong)

Hungry Shark World Heidi (Wobbegong) is one of the M sized sharks in the game Hungry World Shark (HSW). It has yellow skin and a gaping mouth which can eat a good amount of creatures in the game with ease. Here is what you need to know about the shark.

Heidi the Wobbegong in HSW

Heidi the Wobbegong is a special shark available in the Hungry Shark World game. You can unlock this shark after you maxed all of the other M sharks, which are the Sand Shark, Thresher Shark, and Smooth Hammerhead Shark. Once you can access this shark, you can unlock it with a price of 24,000 in-game coins.

Heidi the Wobbegong is created based on a real-life shark species that live among the seabed, crawling and searching for food, unlike the other sharks that swim in an open sea. In the Hungry Shark World game, Heidi the Wobbegong becomes invisible once it is close enough to any surface, rock, and sand. It will be visible once you use boost or swim away into open water. Compared to the other sharks in the same category, Heidi the Wobbegong has the best boost stats. This will help you on many occasion to escape from bigger sharks.

Heidi the Wobbegong stats in HSW

Can be unlocked once you maxed out all of the other M sized sharks, you can unlock Heidi the Wobbegong for 24,000 coins. The max level of this shark is 12 with a max health of 134. Heidi the Wobbegong has a max speed of 136 and max boost of 264, which is very reliable and make your gameplay easier. With the max bite of 189, it can eat quite fast. Heidi the Wobbegong can eat enemy M sharks, anglerfish, dolphins, narwhals, large turtles, purple crabs, and spider crabs. It can break rocks for more exploration throughout the map. Like the other M sharks, Heidi the Wobbegong can bring two pets.

Compared to the other M sharks, Heidi the Wobbegong is the most durable shark along with the Smooth Hammerhead Shark. It has the highest boost that outmaneuvers all of the M sharks max boost stats. But, its movement is not as nimble as the Smooth Hammerhead Shark and Thresher Shark. Its biting power is also below the Sand Shark that has 257 max bite. Overall, Hungry World Shark Heidi (Wobbegong) is arguably the best M shark, thanks to its durability and boost stats along with decent bite power.