About Hungry Shark World Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus)

In the Hungry Shark world game, there is a “!!’ tier consists of very strong and fast sharks. Hungry Shark World Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus) is among the tier and it is the seventh shark on this category. This shark is very reliable when you reach the late game. Here is what you need to know about Mr. Snappy in the Hungry Shark World (HSW) game.

Mr. Snappy the Mosasaurus in HSW

Mr. Snappy the Mosasaurus can be unlocked with a price of 600,000 coins and 1,500 gems. But, it can’t be accessed if you haven’t collected 100 teeth and that is not an easy task. The teeth are generally hard to find and the area where the teeth are located can’t be reached with a so-so shark. But, the price and effort to unlock Mr. Snappy are worth it because some people consider it as the best shark in the game.

In the game, Mr. Snappy is similar to the other “!!” sharks that can bring 3 pets and break purple crystal walls for more exploration. The gold rush multiplier of this shark is x8. The appearance of Mr. Snappy is quite menacing. It has sky-blue skin with a faint pattern. It has violet stripes on the tail and a compact body and pointy snout. Its yellow eyes and sharp teeth give the shark a ferocious look.

Mr. Snappy the Mosasaurus has some good abilities so you should consider getting this shark. It has a powerful tail whip, so when you turn, any creatures slapped by its tail will be stunned. Even any enemies attacking from its tail will be stunned too without having to turn at all. When you use the boost, Mr. Snappy will do a lunge, which is very useful. Has a good speed in land and ridiculously high stats, it is no wonder that some people think that Mr. Snappy is the best shark on the game.

Mr. Snappy stats in HSW

In terms of stats number, Mr.Snappy is a the top tier shark in the whole Hungry World Shark game. It boasts a huge amount of health, which reach 431 HP. As mentioned before, Mr. Snappy the Musosaurus is also among the fastest sharks in the game. It has 410 max speed and 433 max boost stats. Not only that, but Mr. Snappy also has a powerful bite with a 500 max bite stats. As a very big shark, Mr. Snappy can eat almost anything but the mines, red jellyfish, and king jellyfish. Overall, you can say that Hungry Shark World Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus) is the best shark on the game.