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There are various sharks you can find in the Hungry Shark World (HSW) game. One of them is Porbeagle, which is arguably the best small shark in the game. There are also other S sized sharks in the game but there are several reasons why people use Porbeagle. Here is what you need to know about Hungry Shark World Porbeagle.

Porbeagle in HSW

The porbeagle is an S-sized shark in the Hungry Shark World game. You can unlock it once you already maxed the stats of the xS shark, Blacktip Reef Shark. Form the entire sharks on this Hungry Shark World game, Porbeagle is the third smallest shark. But, this not makes Porbeagle inferior especially through the early period of the game.

In real life, you can see that this shark can grow around 5.5 feet. Amongst its group, it has the best bite. While in the game, Porbeagle is generally stronger than the Blacktip Reef Shark. Compared to the other S shark, the Whitetip Reef Shark, Porbeagle has slightly more maximum health. As an upgraded shark from XS to S, you can explore more world with this shark.

Like a small sized shark, Porbeagle has several cons that should be wary about. The boost stats are not that good compared to the other sharks in the same category, which make Porbeagle having a hard time when escaping from the bigger shark during gameplay. It can’t eat stronger prey and it is not very fast, making it easily eaten if you are not skilled enough.

Porbeagle’s stats in HSW

When you maxed the level and stats of Porbeagle, you can see if it is dependable or not as your early game shark in Hungry World Shark. Porbeagle has max speed and max boost of 136 and 124, which are not that good because it can’t outmaneuver bigger fishes. The max bite of Porbeagle is 159, a reliable stats compared to the other S sharks.

The Porbeagle can eat its evil counterpart, Evil Whitetip Reef Shark, and Evil Blue Shark. It can also eat standard creatures such as purple crab, red crab, and stingray. You can break bones throughout the map with Porbeagle. Its gold rush multiplier is x3 and it can bring 1 pet around to score more points. It is the slowest S sized shark in the game but Porbeagle has the highest health and biting power. Overall, Hungry Shark World Porbeagle may not be the best early game shark but it is reliable

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