About Hungry Shark World Whale Shark

In the Hungry Shark World (HSW) game, there are various sharks you can play from small to big sizes. One of them is the whale shark, which is a good big sized shark in the game. Here is what you need to know about Hungry Shark World whale shark.

The whale shark in HSW

The whale shark is amongst the XXL shark tier on the Hungry Shark World game. It is the second XXL shark you can unlock after the Megalodon. The size of this shark is around 50 feet, so no wonder it is categorized in the XXL size in HSW game. You can unlock this shark by paying 120,000 coins. If there is any sales or promo price, the price can drop to 90,000 coins.

Compared to the other XXL sharks such as the Basking Shark and the Great White, the Whale Shark can go through the swimming pool to get that additional scores by eating almost everything. A fun fact, a real whale shark doesn’t eat other fishes and it is quite friendly with humans. It usually eats planktons and their similar variations.

Whale shark’s stats in HSW

As an XXL shark, you will need a considerable amount of gold to max all of the stats. There is a glitch where the Whale Shark card in Hungry Shark World said that it has 414 max health. But in reality, the max health once its level is maxed is 362. As for the other stats, the Whale Shark has a considerably high stats so you can play it comfortably.

The max speed is 264 so it is quite fast. The max bite is 451 and this will help you to easily eat a group of creatures in the game with ease. The max boost of the whale shark is around 299. It can also break crystals so you can access limited areas on various maps available in Hungry World Shark game. Like the other XXL sharks, the Whale Shark can equip up to 3 pets or baby shark to accompany it and score more points.

To be fair, the Whale Shark in this game is quite capable. The price to unlock it is quite expensive but it is worth it and you can stick with this shark for a long time until you unlock a better shark later. It has good speed and amazing bite power. Try this Hungry World Shark Whale Shark and see it how capable it is in the game.