About white tip Reef in Hungry Shark World the Game

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Have you ever heard a white tip reef shark? If you find out about this shark in the wild then you will know that the shark has the tip fins which are white. Unlike black tip reef which has a black fin tip. In the game hungry shark world shark both occupied by the white tip reef. Actually we own do not understand what is the reason game developers put him second. Our hunch is because not much different from those which are models of sharks in the ocean that the sharks have almost the same size with a small black tip reef.

If you find these characters in the hungry shark world character models, the game is really cute and adorable,no look on the face which is pretty creepy. The color of the white tip reef is purple mix white. Not much different with black tip reef, you are required to eat and eat so that you play the sharks can live on. This shark can you get when you’ve got enough points to buy it. For the price that needs to be paid to have it still belongs to cheap sharks compared with other large size.

Become new challenges when you
can already buy this shark and you play. The bottom line is to eat and eat as
well as a collection point so that you can buy as many accessories in the
appropriate choice with white tip reef are indeed commonly used strategies to
speed up the process of collecting point. If you have already accumulated quite
a lot then you can up grade shark greater.

For the specification of the
white tip reef we will inform you as follows:

Speed: 107

Bite: 91

Boost: 84

With the life given in this game
is illustrated with 89 red hearts. For the size (S). The character of this
shark is still said to be aggressive and can easily to find prey. However, the
conclusion is the white tip reef shark categories include a superbly played
with specifications that have been given. You can increase the speed, bite and
boost with the terms you have a point you collect which could simplify it to
the desired point and pursuing the resolution of users by using a character
that is typical of white Tip reef.

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