Anglerfish In Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World presents a ferocious enemy, Anglerfish. All fish can be eaten by all sharks, except for Coral Sharks that are under the sea. Anglerfish is a deadly fish, it distributes exactly 30 units, which is damage to the health of your shark, and moreover can endanger the mighty Megalodon and Big Daddy compared to others. Kill them with a mid-level prize that you will receive. To complete the mission of Angler Attack, you must eat 10 of these fish.

Short Description

This is a very well hidden creature, it lives in a deep and dark sea. Anglerfish is not too dangerous if there are few, and will be more lethal with a large number. But a certainty, they always appear in large quantities, so they can always kill the sharks you use. Anglerfish are very aggressive and will attack your shark if it reaches them. They will bite your shark and can be dangerous for even large sharks like Megalodon or the Great White Shark.


Under the crab nest is a public place of Anglerfish, which is just west of the Shark Head Shark spawning area. The Angler’s Nest is a nickname for the area where they live. If you want to enter the entrance to the Kempy Cave, you will also find it there, which is in the deepest part of the map, on the far right and on the West Sea near Wakaba.

Appearance In the World of Hungry Sharks

Anglerfish will appear in the Hungry Shark World game. Anglerfish is more common and appears in all parts of 4 areas in this exciting game. The Angler Nest is also back in this amazing game. The Angler Nest can be found in the Arabian Sea. This will be very interesting for us to play together.