Everything to know about the Big Daddy in Hungry Shark Evolution

In this article, you will get important aspects regarding the Hungry Shark Evolution Big Daddy. The game is an interesting action-adventure game which you might be interested to play. The map inside Hungry Shark Evolution is very large and this is one of the selling points you can find in the game. Aside from that, it also has a lot of sharks and the Big Daddy is one of them.

What it is

In order to describe the character, you will need to know that the game contains multiple types of sharks which are either modern species or prehistoric ones. One of the prehistoric sharks available in the game is the Big Daddy- a cute name for a terrifying animal. Actually, its true name is Dunkleosteus.

Well, although the game states that Big Daddy is a shark, it is actually not a shark since it belonged to a separate species of fish. Scientifically, it actually was a member of the extinct class of fish, which was the Placoderm fish. It was an armored giant fish which preyed upon smaller sea species, including ancient sharks!

The game version of Hungry Shark Evolution Big Daddy also depicts it as a formidable creature. Before the updates which introduced Mosasaurus, Alan the Destroyer of Worlds, Moby Dick, and Liopleurodon into the game, it was the largest character you can unlock and it used to be the strongest fish you can own.


Before the arrival of the four monsters, Big Daddy was the most sought shark since it used to be the only shark which is capable of devouring the Death Mine/Ultra Mine. It also had the largest HP pool in the game, although this advantage is somewhat negated by the fact that Big Daddy’s health drain was the fastest in the game. By the way, it can also use its tongue to pull in an unsuspected prey! Well, have you unlocked the Hungry Shark Evolution Big Daddy?