Everything you need to know about Hungry Shark Evolution Leo (Liopleurodon)

This article will discuss several important aspects regarding the Hungry Shark Evolution Leo (Liopleurodon).  This character in the famous Android game, Hungry Shark, is one of the latest sharks to be added by the developer of the game. Now, let us check the aspects out, shall we?

What it is

The first aspect that we are going to discuss here is what the thing actually is. On March 2018, Ubisoft had released an update for the game which is named as the Hungry Shark Evolution- a popular game which requires you to control a shark of your choice to keep eating everything you can find until it passes out for no more food nearby is left. The update addressed several bugs that were pretty annoying and added a new creature- we do not really like to call it a shark since it is not one although the in-game description somehow says otherwise, which is the Liopleurodon. For the sake of simplicity and to make it sound cuter, the game also adds a nickname for it, which is Leo.

Hungry Shark Evolution Leo is a creature which is a prehistoric shark (although it is actually a plesiosaur- a prehistoric sea reptile) who lived during the Jurassic Period. The developer stated that it created the character based on the remains of Liopleurodon’s skeleton. In real life, this creature had a huge mouth which was filled with numerous razor-sharp teeth which made it an extremely deadly predator.


Well, since it is one of the late-game sharks, it inherits most of the abilities which you can find on the previous sharks you have owned before the Leo itself, such as the ability to eat bombs, jellyfishes, and other cool stunts. However, this shark also comes with a new ability which you would not be found on other sharks you have unlocked earlier. The new ability it has is the rock-breaking skill. By using Hungry Shark Evolution Leo, you no longer have to worry about the obstacles in front of you!