Getting Know Robo Shark in Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is a game, the 6th edition of Hungry Shark game series. Future Games of London is the creator of Hungry Shark World which is released on 5 May 2016 in London. The main highlight of the game is exploring the aquatic adventure by controlling a shark. However, the game also provides non-aquatic creatures as the shark’s food such as humans. You as the gamers will also acquire to complete missions with 4 different locations on the world map. There are also special locations you can explore in the game with your choice of shark. There are 8 different levels or tiers of sharks in the game which is XS as the bottom to S, M, L, XL, XXL, and !! as the top. For now, we are going to know more about the highest rank shark in !! tiers which is the Hungry Shark World Robo Shark.

Hungry Shark World Robo Shark Features

For all gamers who are Hungry Shark mania out there, especially the Hungry Shark World edition, Robo shark must have been the final goal to be achieved at the end of the games. This shark is can obviously be a proof of how great one is in playing Hungry Shark World since it is on the highest level of the game. Similar to other !! shark, Robo Shark can break purple crystal walls and have maximum 3 pets at once. The point multiplier can increase to 8 times while the gold rush. But not like other sharks on its lower tiers, Robo Shark can eat anything unless 4 things which are mega mines, ultra mines, red jellyfish, and king jellyfish. To launch at humans, this shark can use proximity mines and normal mines. And to glide in the air, it has extendable fins.

How to Get Robo Shark
In order to get the Hungry Shark World Robo Shark, you have to own 2 other variations first. You must have Big Momma and Killer Whale before you get to win the Robo Shark. Other than that, you have got to collect a hundred gears as well as one of the terms. This collection will unlock the shark. When you already have the three set of items, you can purchase Robo Shark with one of the types of currencies. The Robo Shark worths 1,500 gems or 750,000 coins in the game. But before unlocking and winning Robo Shark, you might want to equip your shark collections with Mr. Snappy or Mosaurus which comes before the Hungry Shark World Robo Shark.