Great White Shark in the Hungry Shark World

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The more fearful game sometimes make you feel so challenged and want to beat it with the perfect result. Ubisoft pleased many shark fanatics with its sequel on Hungry Shark Evolution. Hungry Shark World arrived and stay close with the top of mobile gaming for many years. This big sequel had gained more attention now it was moved to the home consoles. There are more than 20 species of shark to evolve along with the exotic sea location that you can explore more. Hungry Shark World offer you with so many fun gameplay.

The Great White Shark in the Hungry Shark World Game

You should know that the hungry shark world great white occurs in each game and in this Hungry Shark World, it came differently than other Hungry Shark Games. It pretty similar with the Megalodon in the terms of attitude and shape as well. The Great White Shark has the smallest tier at XXL, however, it has the best statistic in its level as well.

This Great White has price 150000 coins or 15900 gems if you want to get it early. This great white shark can eat the whales, green jellyfish and enemies at XXL sharks. They are also able to break the clear crystal. There are many people said that this great white shark might need anger management, tons of food and has plenty of teeth for chewing. It was pretty similar to the Megalodon and does not have humor sense as well.

There are other creatures that you can find and get in this game and has their own abilities based on that need. You have to know that Hungry Shark World is the fast-paced game where your shark will still alive as long as his hunger was satiated. Therefore, after you start one stage. Then you can start to munch and make that process as long as possible. Swimming along in the surface for a while so that you are able to get some of the bird or human victim. Do not forget to keep watching the golden marine life, especially when the gold rush was activated as well. You only need to eat as much as you can if you want to get the gold rush meter going. You also need all of the gems that you get in order to upgrade the stats of sharks. Well, there are many sources that you can use that helps to get the best result.

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