Have an Adventure of Hungry Shark World on These Devices

Do you call yourself a Hungry Shark mania yet? Or you have the specific liking on the Hungry Shark World only? If this sounds a lot similar to you, then this news is the great news you have been waiting forever to know! What device is Hungry Shark World on? Read on to know more about this news.

It Is Available on Android

Yeay it is true! You can play Hungry Shark World on any device with Android as the operating system now. It can be your smartphones and also tablets as well. As long as your device runs with Android 4.2 version or above, the Hungry Shark World will run smoothly on your device. Hence, you can have more exploration of the oceans with your choice of sharks nicely anywhere you go at any time. The latest version as per late September 2018 is the 3.1.0 version of Hungry Shark World which you can download on your Android devices. The game will take 121 MB download size. To have the game runs even more smoothly, you might need more space than that in your device.

Get the iOS Version

What about Apple users? What device is Hungry Shark World on for iOS loyal customers? Of course, you can also get Hungry Shark World on your Apple devices with its operating system. For iOS users, the game is available for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as well. Remember to update your operating system to get the latest version to be able to play Hungry Shark World. But you can still also play this if your iOS system is not lower than the 10.00 version. Unlike so many applications and games on iOS which you need to pay for, you can install and enjoy Hungry Shark World for free on any of your Apple devices that have been mentioned above.

Console Edition

The greatest news for Hungry Shark World mania is now you can play it on your game consoles as well. As they released on 17 July 2018, you can get this game for your PS4 and Xbox One. So now you will be able to enjoy the game with a wider screen on your TV. Do not forget to ensure your Wi-Fi connection before playing so that you can play Hungry Shark World smoothly on your consoles. Not so different to the version on Android and iOS, playing the game on consoles will also acquire you to explore different oceans as a shark and several pets. This option can be chosen depending on your level. Other than PS4 and Xbox One, you can also get the game on your Nintendo Switch.