Helicopter in Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution made the latest update on January 30 at the beginning of 2014, in this case, introduced the enemy The Helicopter aka helicopter. First launched exclusively for newer Apple devices. But now it’s available on more powerful Android devices.

The helicopter is basically the same as Enemy Santa, but with a different appearance). Helicopters as powerful enemies also appeared in the new Arctic Land.

This functions like the latest and limited edition of Enemy Santa included in the 2013 and 2014 Christmas updates. The helicopter will fly over water, from above it will drop a depth of charge that explodes at a certain depth unless it crashes and explodes immediately. The items dropped can be eaten as long as they fall into your shark’s mouth, if they hit the body it will explode

Some items dropped by helicopters are often called bombs, even though they are actually deep charges which are not bombs. Some malignant sharks such as Megalodon, Big Daddy, and Robo Shark can also eat helicopters. The best way you can destroy a helicopter is by jumping on the pilot, watching the propeller, if your shark jumps over the helicopter, it will be damaged and lives will decrease. When the pilot in the helicopter is killed, the whole helicopter explodes, and you win. Very rare, though indeed when the pilot ate will give you a gem.

There is nothing fundamental about the depth if used on land or on small fishing vessels or on shark fishing vessels in the sea. Remember the charge can be eaten in this form by using Megalodon and Big Daddy.

When you are close to the screen, you will hear the sound of Woohoo similar to Jetskirider. And if the player gets closer, the screen will zoom out on its own to show helicopters flying up and down accompanied by the sound of rotor helicopters in Hungry Shark Evolution.