How to Score More in Hungry Shark World

From many popular games nowadays, Hungry Shark World is maybe one of them that you want to play nowadays. This game is made by the well-known company, Ubisoft previously, it was named HP Java.

In general, the main rule to play this game is about gaining the money through some instructions given. However, how to make the money obtained well, it is quite difficult and you need to be really patient.

Sure, there are some tips to make money easier through this game. What are they?

To Make Money More

To obtain more coins or money, you are required to find and eat more fishes. This way, your Gold Rush can be filled in. When the gold rush ability has been released, the fishes will produce coins. Another way is by solving the quests or events given including by looking for the treasure chests.

Well, to overcome this, it is quite tiring indeed. You need to eat all of them up faster. The bonus and combos are simply gained. Of course, your money can be more and more.

To Have More Scores

Despite the main scores you gain from eating the fishes, you need also to make more scores by creating the combos. As an example, when there is the lettering of big 2X, it means that any fish you eat, the scores are multiplied into 2. Interestingly, if the combos are formed continuously, they can be multiplied into 10 and even up to 72 times depending on the sizes of the sharks that you use.

Again, the main effort to do for more scoring is by continuously eating the fishes. The combos of scores can just be simply multiplied when you can eat the fishes more.

To Have the Gold Rush

To find the Gold Rush faster, you need to eat up all of the small fishes until the skill gauge of the gold rush is filled up. However, there is another way to fasten the filling of the skill gauge; it is by keeping the combo. When the combo is able to be multiplied into 10 and even more, the gold rush can be filled much faster.

To Find the Mega Rush

The Mega Rush is filled in when we collect the Gold Rush. The more we collect the Gold Rush, the faster the Mega Rush to be found. The benefit of the Mega Rush ownership is that you can eat anything except the stones. They are including the submarines, jellyfishes, and even the bombs. This is including for the Hungry Shark World Helicoprion.