Hungry Shark All Baby Sharks: The Introduction

What is Hungry Shark Evolution All Baby Sharks? It is a series from Hungry Shark Evolution game developed by Ubisoft available in Android. The game is undeniably is really addicting and fun. Although it slightly looks like a game for children, it is really interesting to be played by adults for sure. So, how is to play the game? Here is the explanation.

Eat Them All

In the series of Hungry Shark World, you will control a shark to eat anything moving under the sea. Well, even in some levels, it is possible also for the shark to jump and eat the land animals. The purpose of the game is relatively simple. It is collecting a high score from the eating activities continuously. This way, your multiplier score is also getting bigger.

But sure, it is not as easy as it seems. There are many challenges of eating those animals. Even there are the bigger animals that are ready to eat you up. So, aside from collecting the scores, the shark you control must be able also to survive. The longer you play, there are bigger sharks to come and human is also around to hunt you. Meanwhile, submarines are swimming around to fire missiles.

The Weapons

To collect the score and face the enemies, many kinds of the weapon are ready to use. There are Gold’s used to improve the shark’s abilities including the speed, bite, and boost. You can also buy a bigger shark with it. Does the shark feel lonely swimming around by itself? Well, if you think so, you can buy a pet to accompany the shark to make scores.

Well, if you are one of those people who really care about the appearance, you can also groom the shark. You can buy accessories like the hat, umbrella, and moustache to make your shark in Hungry Shark Evolution All Baby Sharks look more stylish.