Hungry Shark Evolution Alan, A Charming Stress Reliever

Sharks are the most dangerous predators in the sea. There have been many shark victims, even the water creatures also have their own series of films, one of which is the famous Jaws series. Do you want to try how it feels to be a shark and prey on the stupid humans who swim on the coast? Here is your chance! Hungry Shark Evolution, a presentation from Ubisoft’s mobile division, Ubisoft FGOL, is a shark semi-simulation action game where players act as a very hungry shark and rampage in the vast ocean.

In Hungry Shark Evolution Alan, players relax a shark using a virtual gamepad. On the left side of the screen, the player touches a floating joystick to direct the shark, meanwhile, when the player touches the right side of the screen, the shark will bounce or swim fast in limited time.

The overall goal of the game is to try to survive as long as possible. The shark has an energy meter which is always decreasing at any time. If this meter runs out, then he will die. To be able to fill the energy meter, players must continue to eat by eating various kinds of creatures that are in the water, be it small fish, big fish, turtles, even humans who are swimming on the surface or diving.

Not all creatures in the water can be eaten by the shark because there are poisonous creatures such as jellyfish, creatures that have sharp skin, so they cannot be bitten, there are even explosive water mines. All that actually reduces the energy of the shark, so he is even closer to death. Besides dangerous objects, sometimes diver humans are quite dangerous because they can shoot harpoon.

Although Hungry Shark Evolution Alan is played in 2D and viewed from the side, this game actually uses captivating 3D graphics. Each shark is displayed in detail, especially sharks such as Ghost Shark and Pyro Shark, they really look stunning. The game itself is open world, so players can freely explore the ocean, starting from the coastal area, to the beautiful depths of the sea. The game was fast and light, and certainly, very satisfied to see the amount of blood spurting when the shark ate stupid humans who were desperate to swim in his waters.

Ubisoft FGOL presents Hungry Shark Evolution free-to-play. Fun, this game is free to be played offline, there is no use of the stamina system, and there is no ad interference at all unless the player wants to continue when the shark is killed. Few micro transactions are presented in the form of Coin purchases and premium currencies, Gems. The coin is useful for upgrading, while gems can be used to continue and purchase new sharks. The shark provided can also be unlocked by buying it using coins even though there is a condition that is reaching a number of points first.

In terms of customization, if the Coin or Gems that are owned by the player are enough, they can buy various lethal accessories such as Laser, Jetpack, Missile Launcher, and various other unique objects.