Hungry Shark Evolution, Crab Fork Item

Accessories in the hungry shark evolution are really needed to add special abilities from sharks. In the latest update of this game comes The Crab Fork accessories, this is a powerful accessory in Hungry Shark Evolution. With these accessories, you will have an extraordinary effect, namely double damage to the Giant Crab. Worth trying to make your hungry shark become the real king of the ocean.

You can use Crab Fork on all Standard Sharks, except for sharks that are part of the Top Secret Lab, if you want to hunt Giant Enemy Crabs then this is the right tool because it reduces the number of attacks as many as 2 needed to kill the Giant Crab Enemies that very strong. Besides that, the life of the shark you use will last longer, and will always look healthy when attacking and devouring all enemies.


To get a Crab there is a price to pay, 100 gems. If you do 12 Sharksmas offers, you can get a crab fork for 50 gems, provided the player has to log in consistently for 12 days starting on Christmas Day.


With Crab Fork accessories, you have doubled the damage done to the Giant Crab boss, when fully equipped. Crab Fork is very useful for all players, especially if you are using Megalodon or Big Daddy. This allows you to defeat the Red Giant Crab in two attacks, in the first attack he will weaken and will die when you attack him a second time.

When you use Crab on sharks, the victory against the giant red crab is in sight. The hungry sharks you use will beat them faster. Crab is highly recommended for buying in hungry shark evolution. One very extraordinary step when investing 100 of your gems to buy Crab Fork.