Hungry Shark Evolution, Item of Punk Wig

Hungry Shark Evolution always has new things to impress its players. The developer prepares accessories that will make your shark look beautiful. With extraordinary capabilities, it will look stunning if you use special accessory. Some accessories that you can use such as baseball caps and The Punk Wig.

For The Punk Wig this is very unusual, don’t be confused to choose it. Special abilities unite with the power of your shark, it will be able to collect coins very quickly. This will make the ferocious shark look beautiful. Don’t be fooled by the sweet and beautiful outer face, the hungry shark can still eat anything in front of it.


You can buy The Punk Wig at a price of 1,000 coins. With a price that is quite expensive, you will not lose the ability possessed. You will be able to collect coins very quickly, so to buy another accessory will be faster.


In hungry shark evolution, you will find various kinds of the best features to defeat every opponent that faces. One of the most suitable ones to try is The Punk Wig. This is an accessory in Hungry Shark Evolution that is widely used with abilities not possessed by some other types of fish.

The Punk Wig increases the duration of each gold fever that occurs when used 2 seconds while you play. When you use this and the Diamond Ring together, there you will get 5.5 bonus gold rush. Especially when using Trials Baby, Punk Wig, and Diamond Ring together, you can increase the Gold Rush time to 8 seconds.

Gold Rush is the most waiting for hungry evolution players. By using these accessories, you will easily get them, it is highly recommended to immediately buy. Accessories such as baseball caps and The Punk Wig are the best-selling in this game.