Hungry Shark Evolution Kempy Bass Scary Mythical Creatures

We are sure you are a loyal fan of hungry shark evolution. We will review the creatures that are the most feared in this game. This is a very amazing game mode. In hungry shark evolution kempy bass you will see mythical creatures that have human faces and fish bodies. If you want to find and defeat these hard-to-catch creatures to complete the mission, learn more below.

In order for you to meet kempy bass, you must enter the “Kempy Kill” mission which is only available under the Shark mission. We recommend that you use a Tiger Shark or a Big White Shark if you want to hunt it until you can.

Kempy Cave

You must find this cave which is located on the far right side of the entire map. Here the entrance is full of ferocious anglers, so the best thing you can do is raise your shark to at least LVL 7.

The method we recommend

  • If you want to enter the cave, we recommend that you wait at least 3 minutes to lay eggs again.
  • This creature will not appear if you are in a cave earlier than 3 minutes!
  • Make sure to eat and keep your shark’s energy bar full while waiting for him to appear.
  • You can go down to the entrance, but still on the left area, near the rocks to avoid the submarine and to keep your shark’s energy full.

You can enter the cave and eat all the creatures along the way. Moving to the left make sure to avoid 2 Deadly Jellyfish, go down, then finally to the left where Bass Kempy is.

In order for you to easily conquer these creatures, there are several distinctive features that you should know, we believe this will help you defeat it. Here’s the typical feature in hungry shark evolution kempy bass:

  • These creatures rarely appear outside the cave.
  • This creature has the ethics of laying eggs outside the cave, often too large.
  • These creatures will sometimes appear in the Arctic Portal area.
  • Well if you get a high survival time, go to the ruins with a portal to find a great big kempy bass!
  • Cave This creature has good bookshelves, portraits, and even television!
  • This creature is one of two entities that do not respawn in one round, the second is the Giant Crab which is the enemy.
  • Hungry Shark world can get to Kempy Cave, but Kempy Bass won’t lay eggs when caught.
  • This creature will only appear if you wait 3-4 minutes in the game.
  • When this creature is within range, the screen zooms out.

From some of the characteristics that they have, we can conclude that kempy bass is most often in a cave, although sometimes it exits the cave. Well, the best way to make them subdue is by storming while he is in the cave. But before that, you attack first when kempy bass is not in place. This will frustrate him.