Hungry Shark Evolution Natasha The Narwhal

There’s something new in Hungry Shark Evolution, this is Shark Natasha the Narwhal. Natasha the Narwhal is the fifth special shark after previously present Electro, Ice, Robo & Pyro shark. Not much different from other special sharks, this shark can level up very quickly while playing but the lack of progress is not saved, in other words, you have to start from level 1 every time you start playing.


If indeed you want to try the ability of Natasha the Narwhal, then you don’t need to worry and be confused. You simply provide 180,000 coins or 900 gems. In this case, you can get it by playing regularly and having to win, if you want it fast you can buy it from the developer. The developer provides special purchases if you don’t want to be old.


  • This ferocious shark has special abilities through Javelin.
  • Natasha is a small shark when compared to others, meaning that you cannot eat most of the other sharks directly, but the disadvantage is that it has the ability to pass through the Javelin, from this ability it can kill even bigger sharks like Megalodon.
  • Another special ability is to do javelin throwing.

If you compare Natasha with the other big sharks, it looks very weak and slow to score points and gold. So if you want to try a new special shark it’s not a problem. But note, if you play with other sharks like big daddy or Alan etc., Megalodon or even Robo Shark, this is quite slow compared to Natasha the Narwhal. In this case, I advise you to choose the Robo shark because this is much better than other special sharks. If you want to feel the excitement like archery, then you have to try the Natasha the Narwhal shark. Because throwing javelin and archery with a ferocious shark is almost the same.