Hungry Shark Evolution The New Liopleurodon Skin

When you want to conquer the world of Hungry Shark Evolution, developers make it easy with the latest update in 2018. Hungry Shark Evolution releases incredibly great skin, the new Liopleurodon skin is the latest update introduced. With you having this, nothing can prevent you from conquering enemies and devouring all kinds of fish on the high seas.

With its greatness and speed, the new Liopleurodon skin can destroy small stones that become a barrier where small fish hide. Can swallow crabs that roam, can kill humans who are on land, can even destroy the memorized sailing on it. This is the type of hero that will help you control the ocean.


The new liopleurodon skin has a pretty fantastic price of 900 gems. If seen from its ability to struggle to spend and devour everything, of course, you will not feel the loss to buy it. Feel the speed of this terrifying creature by removing a little from your gem.


The new liopleurodon skin is not denied to have the ability to exceed other hungry sharks. Where he can finish off enemies faster. Following are the amazing capabilities of the new Liopleurodon skin:

  • He is fast and agile, even faster than sharks.
  • Eating all kinds of fish can eat 10 fish at a time in one mouth.
  • Can destroy the blocking stone, a small fish shelter.
  • Gaining value faster than ordinary sharks, he is agile and frightening.
  • It’s easy to get a super score in survival.
  • The Gold Rush can be obtained very quickly.
  • Live on land and devour everything, as in the terrifying real world when he rises on land.
  • Can destroy the ship in one attack.
  • Can devour humans even though he is on the umbrella boat.
  • Devour wandering whales.
  • Eating crabs in one attack.