Hungry Shark Evolution Tiger Shark Review

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When you play Hungry Shark Evolution, then I recommend Tiger Shark for your use. He can grow and reach a maximum size of 7 meters and can dive a maximum depth of 275 meters.

Hungry Shark: Night

When you play in Hungry Shark: Night, Tiger Shark makes its first appearance as one of three sharks that can be played. When you start playing in Tiger is the only shark that you originally had. Two of the other three are Hammerhead and Great White, these must be purchased using real money.


If you want to have a Tiger Shark, it will cost 15,000 coins or 200 gems to open it in Hungry Shark Evolution. This is a strong and durable shark in the hungry shark evolution game. Tiger Shark can prey on increased Pufferfish, Gulper Fish, Electro Sharks, and Enemy Sharks aside from the Hammerhead Shark diet. He can pray very quickly the second after the Great White Shark, Big Daddy, Megalodon, Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus), Alan, World Destroyer and Moby Dick in the game. Usually, when fully increased, the bar is full of encouragement enough to swim to the deepest depth in the game. This enormous increase allows the Tiger Shark to jump very high into the air to catch pelicans and helicopters, and destroy ships.

Tiger Shark has high health, this makes it suitable for consuming all types of giant crabs, both the first, second and third. For the fourth Giant Crab, it might pose another challenge but it is still possible to defeat it with a Tiger Shark with a note if it is equipped with Crab Fork. In all matches that run very exciting, Tiger Sharks are one of the best sharks to fight the Giant Crab, this is because it decreases the health channels that prove beneficial when food is scarce in crab nests. In Hungry Shark Evolution, the Maxed Tiger Shark that comes out still has less than 100 Great White Sharks that have been previously uploaded by the developer, so the Great White Shark will be better to fight the Giant Crab and eat it.


It’s not complete if you don’t know some types of tiger shark food in the Hungry Shark World game. This is the softest prey compared to some other foods. However, and nothing is available during the Gold Rush.

  • Enemy Hammerhead Enemies
  • Lionfish
  • Gulper fish
  • Sardine
  • Kempy Bass
  • Electro Sharks Enemies
  • Tropical fish
  • Barracuda
  • Human
  • Shark Enemy Reef
  • Pufferfish
  • Pelicans
  • Exotic birds
  • crab
  • Giant Crab
  • Flying fish
  • tuna
  • Small cage
  • Anglerfish
  • Stingray

All types of food are classified as ordinary foods. And if you manage to eat it, there’s no extra coin from the value of each fish. But if you really want to get multiple coins, you can while looking after Phil, max, and Trevor. With these pets, you will easily collect as many coins as you want. This game is a matter of technique and speed of the hand, use the right technique and together with a specific strategy for each enemy. From there you will be able to become a true king of the sea.

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