Hungry Shark World Basking Shark Review

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The hungry shark world basking shark is a playable shark type in the hungry shark world. The basking shark looks not too menacing but it is the easiest XXL shark you can get. Here are things you should know about the basking shark in the hungry shark world.

A general overview of the basking shark

Basking shark it one of the three XXL shark available on the game for a prize of 100,000 coins. Earlier in the game, the price of the basking shark is 120,000. But the later update reduces its price to 100,000. The basking shark has 224 max health, 252, max speed, 427 max bite, and 231 max boost. The basking shark can eat green and blue jellyfishes, whale, and another XXL shark thanks to its big and wide-open mouth. During the gameplay, its big mouth can easily eat things off. The only thing that the basking shark can’t eat is purple jellyfish. You will have fun when playing this shark because it can eat almost anything. As for the survivability, the basking shark can withstand mines pretty well (both big and small). It also can survive a lot of hit from the submarine torpedoes and the diver harpoon gun. Overall, the basking shark is worth the price and probably you will use it a lot since it is the easiest XXL shark to get.

The pros and cons of the basking shark

As mentioned above, the basking shark’s very large mouth can eat great amounts of fish in one go. The survivability of the fish is top notch, thanks to its ability to eat almost any types of fish and a large amount of health. Also, you can move the basking shark pretty well in both land and water.

Winning in size doesn’t mean that you can do everything in the game. The basking shark can get stuck in a tight area such as the dead ship or swimming pool. The size also makes the basking shark easier to get hit by obstacles like mines and toxic barrels. The upgrade cost of the basking shark is not cheap so you have to do a lot of grinding.

Overall, the basking shark is a fun shark to play with. You can eat almost anything in the game with ease. But, you may get frustrated a little bit because its size will make it harder to avoid obstacles. Those are all things you have to know about the hungry shark world basking shark.