Hungry Shark World Best Accessories

Choosing Hungry Shark World Best Accessories Properly

In choosing hungry shark world best accessories, there are few things that should be considered. Gold, health, and points are the example of stats that can be boosted by the accessories in the hungry shark world. Here are things you should know about accessories in the hungry shark world.

The types of accessories in the hungry shark world

There are several types of accessories that can be used in the game. The accessories can be used in tail, nose, pectoral fin, hat, chest, and dorsal fin. You can use the combination of accessories to boost stats such as health, gold rush time, gold bonus, point bonus, or survival bonus. In the game, there are two types of stat boosting accessories. The first one is single type accessories which can be used separately and usually easier to get such as the flat cap, the moustache, sombrero, and punk wig. There are also sets that give you a specific stat boost such as the punk set and the witch doctor set.

What accessories is the best one

The accessories sets are recommended if you want to play the hungry shark world. This because the single type accessories can’t give you a focused stats bonus. On the other hand, the sets will give you specific stats boost so you can choose one that suits your gameplay. As for newbies, the recommended sets are the genie set, the royal set, and the pirate set. The genie set will give you a large amount of gold for each gameplay, especially if you have XXL shark so you can survive longer and get more gold. The royal set, although the most expensive one, is arguably the best set in the game. It gives you a good amount of gold bonus and growth bonus, which is important if you want to level up your shark. Pirate set is recommended because it provides you with a good amount of gold bonus and survivability bonus. Also, it is cheaper and easier to get compared to the other two. So, might probably save your gem and coins to get the pirate set first before going for the other two, especially if you are an f2p player that don’t want to spend real money.

There are some tips regarding the accessories in the hungry shark world. Pay attention to the stats bonus and focus in one stats if possible. If you want to go for gold, then go with gold bonus accessories. By knowing the hungry shark world best accessories, you will have more fun playing the game.