Hungry Shark World Big Momma

Tips to Unlock the Big Momma in Hungry Shark World

The Hungry Shark World was added new auditions, they are the Atomic Shark and the Big Momma Dunkleosteus. These deadly creatures are favorite items in this game and if you want to unlock them, then you can find the answer here.

Actually, it will take a lot of time if you do not want to open or get this great suckers through in-app purchasing with the gems. They are available anytime if you are willing to spend real-world money, however, it’s not all about that. The free item was anything that we wan and this is about a method that you have to know if you want to get the Big Momman or Atomic Shark without you have to spend any dime at all.

So, how to unlock the Big Momma

You should know that the hungry shark world big momma is the biggest fish in the prehistoric ocean and this is not a shark. Then the Dunkleosteus was the freshest option in this Hungry Shark World Game and if you just want to get more points – it is the best choice if you face the wrecking. You can get tips on how to unlock the hungry shark world, big momma, here:

You should know that before you can unlock the Big Momma, then you should unlock the Megaladon first:

Unlock the Megalodon

–       This is old and best shark that you can but after you are able to unlock each other shark, however, the big Momma and Atomic Shark were not counted in this game

–       You do not have to really pay for them – only get the option for the purchase. After they were all available, then the Megalodon can be purchased

–       Complete each unlocks tier, you can work up slowly to get the top tier in order to make Megalodon available to be purchased with the coins

–       Like other sharks, then Megalodon can be purchased by Gems anytime. It cost you around

1500 to buy it before you can unlock it with coins.

Unlock the Big Momma:

–       After you unlock the Megalodon, then your level is up

–       Megalodon should reach the Max level at 30

–       Your Big Momma will available in the right side in your shark selection screen after you unlocked the Megalodon

–       Big Momma has priced 600000 coins and no in-app purchase as well. Therefore, if you reached level 30 with the Megalodon, then if not, Big Momma will cost 1500 gems.