Hungry Shark World Boss and Pet Kraken

Hungry Shark World Kraken Boss is one of the characters you can find in the game of Hungry Shark World. The game itself is about the adventure of a shark played by the players. The goal of the games is collecting the scores and Gold. This way, you can buy the weapons and find support until you reach the final level. Sure, just like the other games, there are many obstacles and traps to be passed through as well. You may control the shark to eat all the prey under the sea on the land. But you should be careful as well with the animals that may damage the shark. Well, the kraken boss can be one of them.

Kraken as a Pet

In the journey of the shark in eating the prey, it is possible for you to buy him to accompany him to swim around. Kraken is one of the pets to be chosen. Just like the name, the creature is in the form of octopus. This pet is able to help the shark add the scores by eating. The kraken’s favorite food is jellyfish, no matter what kind it is. Every time the kraken eats the jellyfish, it scores double points.

Kraken as a pet is quite small and the shark is definitely much bigger than it. To let the kraken have enough foods, you should let it along the shark to swim more deeply and go to the place with more jellyfishes. Don’t forget to feed it with the red jellyfishes to help the shark clear the area to be passed through.

How to Buy the Kraken

Sure, if your score is enough, it is possible to buy this pet. The price is not really expensive actually. You only need to spend 100 gems. Some other pets are offered at the same price also including Anna. To save your money more, you don’t need to buy the kraken if you have had an Atomic Shark that has the ability to eat jellyfishes.

Kraken Boss

However, there is another creature of Kraken that is dangerous. Some players believed that it is actually similar type to the kraken as a pet but it has been mutated by a certain toxin. It appears in the final battle under the name of Colossal Squid. The location is in the Pacific Islands. To fight for it, you only need to bump it continuously. Be careful since the Hungry Shark World Kraken Boss may damage you a lot.