Hungry Shark World – Bull Shark | Things You Need to Know

Hungry Shark World is an interesting mobile game and in this article, we are going to talk about the Hungry Shark World Bull Shark. The Bull Shark is one of the species you may see in this game. Bull Shark has a great rate for bite force along with the higher stats. However, it gives less health compared to the Goblin Shark.

The overview

When you purchase this shark, its starter will include 140 health points and later you can max it up to 182 points. Besides being one of the large sharks in this game, there are still other sharks that appear bigger than this one such as Threasher and Sand Shark. In its class, Bull Shark is kind of the shortest one.

According to the users, this shark is not one of the most threatening creatures in the ocean. Even though they are one of the L Sharks, you need to make sure they get a proper diet after you bought them. Still, the health points are considered as a mediocre. Other than purchasing this shark, you may consider buying the Mako Shark because Mako Shark will do what Goblin and Bull could do at once. Previously, the Bull Shark was on the logo of the game for a while. Later, the Bull Shark got its competitor and replaced by the Great White Shark until now.

The pros and cons

The Bull Shark can prey you may find in the Hungry Shark World game. They are also able to eat faster than others and also one of the fastest sharks in this game. Bull Shark is also able to escape from other larger sharks with other abilities to survive longer. Compared to other sharks in the L Shark category, Bull Shark is the cheapest.

However, the Great White Shark along with other sharks could easily eat this shark especially if you do not have such a fast reflex while playing the game. Other than that, it has a relatively low health status and the shortest shark compared to others in its class. Bull Shark also has a slightly low boost.


It costs 27,000 to bring this into your account. Its max speed is 196 with 257 max bites and 204 max boosts. Bull Shark can eat Killer Whales, all enemies of L Sharks, Lionfish, and many more. It can also break metal with 5 times of Gold Rush. And this is anything you need to know about Hungry Shark World Bull Shark.