Hungry Shark World Buzz

How to Unlock Hungry Shark World Buzz

The Buzz or Helicoprion was the sixth and it is a shark in the Hungry Shark World game. Buzz was the first shark which been introduced in this game that needs the collection to get unlock. It was added into the Shark Week update at 2017 along with the Snuffy as the pet seal and the two new for power-ups, they are flying pets and treasure detector. This can be purchased with the 1500 gems or 650000 coins after you can unlock by collecting for 100 fossils. So, there are many things that you should understand first.


You should know that it has the buzzsaw which made by skin, teeth, and gums. It is also able to cut the throughout the helicopters, submarines and very fast grinding through other whales, sharks and other colossal squid tentacles. It is very useful especially because of helicopters, submarines, colossal squid tentacles, and whales were very hard to pass through, they spend a lot of time to eat and destroy. Buzz can eat anything, except for the mega mines, red jellyfish, king jellyfish, ultra mines and proximity mines.


Like any other, a shark can complete up 3 pets at the same time and can break down the purple crystal walls. Then, during the gold rush was activated, it will point the multiplier up to 8 times.

How to unlock the Buzz

Buzz was unlocked after you can gain 100 fossils which only occur after you can get the Megalodon. After you get 100 fossils, then you are able to purchase Buzz for 650000 coins or you are able to pass all of the processes to get fossils and keep up enough coins to purchase it and only purchase it by using 1500 gems.

The pros:

–       You should know that it has very high bite stats

–       The teeth of buzzsaw are able to depletion the subs, helicopters, and colossal squid tentacle

–       It has never been found as the enemy

The cons:

–       Cost you a lot for the upgrade

–       Slow speed, it might be not useful for the distance contest

–       It takes a lot of time to reach the maximum level

–       It has a very huge body that makes it feels so hard to pass the small cracks

–       The high cost of the end-game

So, you can use this information to know more detailed about hungry shark world buzz.