Hungry Shark World, Dave a Porbeagle Shark Pet Review

When we play the hungry shark world, the most important thing is the great power of a ferocious shark. By having a strong white hungry shark will make players become more powerful in fighting enemies and conquering every situation. However, behind it all, there are some things that are not known by players when in the world of hungry shark world, a player will be confronted by the dave key.

No one can unlock dave, even though it’s a wereshark, Natasha the narwhal, and Robo shark. There is only one way, in this case, namely to keep the dave shark. However, so that the shark can open the lock easily, it must be the same size S-size first. This shark is like a helper from the player’s main shark.


Dave Shark is a not too large animal called “Helper”. To maintain this shark, the player must prepare 2,000 coins. Coins can be obtained from games at each level. If you want to be fast, players can buy directly on the developer who does provide at a certain price. This requires a credit card.


This shark does not have the ability to devour and kill other types of fish. However, remember he has special abilities that other sharks do not have in hungry shark world, following his abilities:

  • Can unlock Dave that other sharks cannot open.
  • After a long period of time and complete everything, dave sharks can produce double points.
  • Beautify and at the same time the main shark friends who will fight with other fish.

With some of these capabilities, it cannot be denied that all hungry shark world players need Dave shark. Because if you have entered a high enough level there will be a lot of dave kink hanging around to block the players. There is no loss of maintaining a dave shark because if it has grown big the points will be double that of normal.