Hungry Shark World Download

Hungry Shark World already takes the game to the new level. You can download it through Play Store and Apple Store but some users prefer to download the apk version.

The Shark

The shark is a character in the Hungry Shark series. You can play the character. There are some enemy versions of some sharks and those can be eaten as long as you use the bigger and stronger shark. In some installments, you can also eat bigger sharks. You can do that thing in the several games of the series like Hungry Shark Worldfor Mega Gold Rush, Hungry Shark Evolution for Gold Rush, and Hungry Shark: Night.

The features of Hungry Shark World

Most sharks are featured in this game and in the real life all sharks are still alive except for Megalodon. Those sharks are such as:

Those are all the featured sharks in the game. Baby sharks and creatures are also available along with babies from big shark. But I believe that all you want is downloading the game and not getting to know the game itself.

It is highly recommended to download and install it from trusted website because if you risk that then it could be a virus file. Anyway, no one wants to install a virus in the PC or phone.

If you want to download it on your android then it needs at least 4.4 android version or higher.

About the game

This game is considered as actin game. You play a shark and travel through the ocean in order to looking for prey. The prey can be swimmers near the coast, sea turtles, or small fishes and also sharks. Commonly you can only eat smaller sharks or enemy shark that has smaller size.

During the game, you will be able to unlock so many sharks with various body sizes. Each shark has different look and unique attributes. For example, some sharks could be faster than other types but they have shorter life points. Meanwhile, there are also bigger sharks that could all kind of prey in the Hungry Shark World.