Hungry Shark World Drago Pliosaur with Special Abilities

Drago pliosaur is an item from the hungry shark world with extraordinary abilities. You will be very easy to defeat all your enemies in this game, no matter how much they block. With extraordinary abilities, everything can be consumed. This is an ancient type of predator that has four special abilities. Want to know what these abilities are? Here are the special abilities of Drago pliosaur:

  • Drago pliosaur can easily take food along its sides.
  • Drago pliosaur is able to breathe air, this will make no health channels.
  • Drago pliosaur can move quickly on land.
  • Drago pliosaur can spread the fins into the air and reduce the speed of the fall.

With capabilities that the majority do not have by some other items, making people who play really crave this ability. But you should know that there are also some special properties that other sharks don’t have. Following are the characteristics of Drago Pliosaur, including:

  • Bend your neck tightly.
  • Survive on land and in water.
  • Good bite and kill.
  • The underwater speed is moderate, but the ground speed is good and fast.
  • Health drainage is moderate but higher than others.
  • The neck that can be bent from Drago pliosaur makes it easy to eat garbage accidentally
  • Can break stones even to the point of destruction.

Drago Pliosaur is actually too small when compared to its strength. Some of the species are pliosaur, measuring 6 m, Liopleurodon, about the size of dunkleosteus. If you have an X predator then everything will be easier, this is a larger pliosaur, measuring 10-14 m. In the hungry shark world game, you are about to play, of course, there will be a number of items you can use, but certainly, Drago Pliosaur is our best choice.

It’s not an easy thing for you to get Drago Pliosaur if you see the price, of course, you need to play all levels without spending the money you have. On the other hand, to win every level offered, you certainly need money to increase the strength of the hungry shark. You need to collect as many kin if you want to win.

But if you can’t wait to win, the Developer has prepared purchases in an application. There are various items that you can buy, such as special powers, enlarging the shark’s body, and much more. The price of each item is not the same, so you can buy only the items you need. If you want faster, you can buy a team for the procedure for purchasing Drago Pliosaur

With you owning Drago Pliosaur, you can play from the beginning the game play very easily. The great ability of Drago Pliosaur will make your enemies that you meet up to exhaustion. As we said above, the 4 abilities possessed by Drago Pliosaur are the best of all evolutionary hungry sharks in the game. This is our best recommendation if you want to play a game with challenges that you can’t beat like turning your palm.