Hungry Shark World, Felix a Mako Shark Pet Review

In Hungry Shark World pets are the most helpful when you want to complete a mission. Some pets in the Hungry Shark Evolution can help your shark consume more prey and can offer more scores and gems. Some hungry pet sharks have many abilities.

You certainly will find it difficult to complete the mission at several high levels, especially for survival if you are stingy buying pets to help. The enemy will be more and more, if you yourself face them then you will lose and die in an instant. Some of the pets that you can buy are Felix, Phil, and Trevor.

If you want pets that have fantastic speed, Felix is ​​the solution. He can swim around your shark while eating everything around him. This will make the main shark untouched by the enemy, especially those who are small in size. He offers a value of 3 points from the normal limit of hungry shark world games.


In every hungry update Shark Evolution, developers always provide new pets. Well, this time Felix what they offer. To get the speed from Felix, he has a price of 10,000 coins. Pretty expensive for a pet.


Every pet has its own abilities, such as Max who has the ability to give 20% health, Trevor with the ability to destroy and blow up mines so that your main shark remains safe, and Phil is a capable person, even the greatest in destroying defenses. For Felix, he has abilities that others do not have. Here’s the explanation:

  • Felix Very fast, fastest when compared to all other pets.
  • Devour small animals, like stingrays.
  • Can explore your shark when attacked by your opponent. This will make it difficult for hungry sharks to attack the enemy, so health will last even full.