Hungry Shark World Glitch

Who can ignore one of the best three android game application in the world? Hungry shark world glitch also nailed their best to amuse all its players around the world through its most searching keyword.

However, its fabulous rank cannot prevent glitches in this game also. Glitch is a kind of malfunctions in a game which cause unintended outputs.


Some of the glitches that often seen are:

–       Misplaced enemies’ locations

–       Unrealistic size of the characters

–       Some characters are trapped unintended in a cage

Types of glitches

Because its frequent glitches, we can categorize based on its pictures:

–       Over/under – sized glitches

Some of the creatures, especially the enemies, often appear larger or smaller than the normal size.

Some mini or little creatures can spawn. For example, there are called RC Helicopter and Enemy Big Daddy. And for giant or bigger creatures, the spawn becomes oversized. They are small crab, angler fish, kempy bass, penguin, evil reef shark, jelly fish.

–       Misplaced location

In this case, the problem’s outcome that might be the glitches is because the location.

Ø  Floating jet ski

It will be like floating but when you zoom in the picture, it falls into the sea

Ø  The kempy bass

Usually it will be outside the exact intended location and sometimes it will change bigger gradually outside its lab.

Ø  Reef sharks

They will stay in the deeper sea than its maximum limit standard

–       Far above the top of the map in hungry shark world glitch becomes their one of the most disappointing situation.

This one lets the players to get far above the maximum height it is supposed to be. The players can be about 33 meters.

Even in the previous game, there was a shark which often get stuck in the cage and ends up in distorted planet.

Sometimes the player will also see sharks cannot eat and disappear then gradually dying. It happens when the players are trying to against the top.

–       Unusable gameplay controls

It happens when you are trying to play with the touch mode system plus the virtual joystick, it may freeze and gradually being unusable.

–       Other unexpected hungry shark world glitches

Ø  Sharks should be eating the Mega Rush. But when the glitches happen, they are eating the King Jelly.

Ø  And if a creature lives too long, nothing will spawn. Then it will die.

Ø  Penguins sometimes get wrong act like jumping twice far higher than the iceberg. It is a normal thing to see.