Hungry Shark World Goblin Shark

As a shark admirer, have you ever wondered how does hungry shark world goblin shark look like? Awarded as the king of ocean, you can save many trapped sharks out there with this ancient shark!

Hungry Shark World Goblin Shark

If you are tired of the small and medium classed shark, you can always chew away all of your enemies that get in the way with Goblin Shark! As expected from its name that sounds gruesome and scary, Goblin Shark is always worth the shot, especially because it belongs to the large shark group. This ancient type of shark can be quite expensive, for you need to take out 32,000 in order to obtain this character. However, Goblin Shark is really killing it!

Just like any other L classed sharks, Goblin Shark is quite slow as the maximum speed only reaches 162. When using this type of shark as your fighter, you need to have a careful plan. Due to its speed, whereas it can only run away so little within a short span of time, you must adapt to the surrounding if you do not want to get eaten by other smaller yet faster sharks. This skill is highly required because it cannot dodge the attacks quickly.

In contrast to Thresher, Hungry Shark World Goblin Shark is like a heavy pro-wrestler, that it is all about the brute force. The length of maximum bite is impressive, as it can chew up to 232 enemies. The health stats are also jaw-gawking, in which it is also supported by maximum boost up to 218. With a big body, you do not have to worry over other enemies, since it can eat everything, from Lion fish, the biggest killer whales as well as other L sharks’ enemies. What makes Goblin Sharks are so special is that it can crush every metal out there if they happen to get trapped inside. It is preceded by Bull shark, while Mako shark might be the one that surpasses its capability.

You must take note that Goblin shark has a very high durability, which means it is the healthiest of all sharks within the L class, with the score of 169. When it is fed well, it can grow very huge up to 17 feet. In addition, it is the first one of any types of sharks that can unlock and pave the way to the Arabian Sea. Another good point about goblin sharks is that it is able to eat faster. It also has the most long-lasting to survive under any kind of circumstances underwater because goblin shark is one of the strongest, so you can just eat away everything that annoys you. What are you waiting for? Go grab the chance and get your hungry shark world goblin shark!