Hungry Shark World Jetpack | Things You Need to Know

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Hungry Shark World Jetpack is kind of a new update. This accessory was previously available in the Evolution series. However, in the Hungry Shark World, this accessory really gives you a bunch of benefits and one of them is flying in the sky. Having this accessory in your account can also help you to boost much better. Sometimes, you will also spot a plane flies on the background.

Once you have the jetpack, you will also notice that the map is expanded and edited so it has a taller look with several new items here and there. Having the jetpack in your account will allow you to eat Military Helicopters, regular Helicopters, and Delivery Drones. As we have mentioned earlier, this accessory is one of the newest items you may find in your gadget.

The Jetpack in the Evolution

If you want to unlock the Jetpack, you need to complete 50 missions or spending at least 900 gems. The accessory can be purchased in the accessory shop but if you want to finish all 50 missions, you need to do all the steps in the Great White’s missions. Or you can also do at least five missions with Megalodon while having a daily chest to unlock in day 18.

The function in the Evolution

Both in Evolution and World series, this accessory is highly useful. This accessory can be used for flying to the sky and space. Using the accessory will allow your shark to catch the prey on the sky even though it has a height limit. Still, it will be sufficient enough to catch all prey on the sky and needed to go on with your game.

As we have mentioned earlier, the Jetpack is such an aerial boost. You need to regenerate it when the number runs out. Other than that, the capacity is as same as the underwater boost possessed by your shark.


The jetpack is able to be used over and over without the limitation on number. All you need to do is tapping the boost on the screen when your shark is in the air. However, it will affect your flying speed.

You can fly high enough and see the green blank area due to you fly too high before the space update. It was a glitch though. Other than that, the Jetpack tends to be slower than the regular boost. However, you cannot use Hungry Shark World Jetpack underwater.