Hungry Shark World Laser Shark | Things You Need to Know

Since Hungry Shark World is one of the interesting games in this era, we are going to talk about Hungry Shark World Laser Shark in this article. The Laser is basically known as the Laser Beam and this is also one of the special accessories introduced in the Evolution series. Having this accessory in your account will allow your shark to stun the prey.

Other than that, you can purchase this accessory in the World-series for 24,000 coins. Meanwhile, it costs 75,000 coins in the Evolution series or complete 50 missions. Later, you can equip this accessory in the Head Slot by any shark.

The function

Once this accessory has been equipped in your shark, the Laser Beam will automatically fire the laser so rapidly to all the prey. Automatically, all creatures that cannot be eaten by your shark would not be fired, such as submarines and jellyfish. The Laser will allow you to stun the prey, make them paralyzed, and let them emit the red glow for several seconds.

If you can eat the prey when they are paralyzed, you will get the doubled point numbers than the regular one. Other than that, you will not usually hit the prey after all. The Laser Beam is one of the very useful accessories in this game. It will make you catch the prey much easier. Besides, the bonus points will help you to trigger the gold rush much faster.


The first time this boost was released, the Laser Beam is sold for 95,000 coins. When the glitch occurs, you can purchase the booster for 54,000 coins. Some people do not prefer to use the Laser Beam due to the appearance and the noise that happens continuously. This booster, however, seems to be the loudest in the accessory tab.

You cannot use the accessory to stun helicopters, jellyfish, the giant crab, and mini-subs. The price of the accessory is as same as the Ice Shark so it is up to you which one to purchase between these two. However, some users also say that the Laser is not that useful with Mr. Snappy since that creature is pretty fast to shoot. Once you laser him, you may shoot at someone at the end of the day.

The Hungry Shark is one of the interesting games you may find in your gadget. Exploring the game will allow you to get more interesting creatures with the accessories like the Hungry Shark World Laser Shark.