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When it comes to the games of survival underwater, of course you need to include hungry shark world mako! After conquering the charts as one of the bestselling and most played game with Hungry Shark Evolution, the developer comes back to challenge you with Hungry Shark World on the PS4! Made in full HD, you can totally experience the lives underwater. Not only that, the terror has been upgraded, as the developer creates many prehistoric monsters and fearsome submarines. Interesting, isn’t it? Don’t miss the fun and seize the chance to be the king of ocean with the antique mako shark!

Hungry Shark World Mako

Considered as one of the rare sharks in Hungry Shark World, not many have ever heard about this shark, let alone to catch it with bare hands. Just like the name, Mako Shark is that whacko with sick abilities that will help you a lot during your underwater adventure. Quite different from its previous appearance in Hungry Shark Evolution, the developer has upgraded this shark from an easy opponent to one undefeatable big bad guy! With its heavy built, it is categorized as the L class sharks. However, you must be surprised and ponder a lot because this shark might be one of the most expensive sharks in its group, worthy of 37,500.

Quite the same with Goblin Sharks, Mako shark has a marvelous skill, in which it is able to cause sudden death for any kind of fish, such as the gruesome killer whales, Lion fish as well as all enemies of L sharks. It is also very beneficial to own Hungry Shark World Mako because it can break metal; making it a lot easier to come through and continue your treasure hunt. From its capability, it can be said that Mako shark is one step ahead of Goblin shark. However, if you are looking for a bigger picture, there is Mega-mouth Shark that surpasses it.

Even if it does not make the first appearance in Hungry Shark World as it is also available in Hungry Shark Evolution, Mako has developed a lot that it is very nimble and agile. Despite the fact that it belongs to the large group, it can swim very fast, up to 46 miles per hour. It is a very great ocean wanderer as it is able to defend itself with a fatal bite. What do you think? Do you still see hungry shark world mako as the weak, old grandpa from Hungry Shark Evolution?

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