Hungry Shark World, Max a Megalodon Pet Review

In the hungry shark world there are many animals that you can maintain, this can increase the strength and health of your shark. Like Max who was present in the hungry update, you will be able to find a big victory when you keep it. Max is a megalodon baby with great abilities and very strong. Max is the strongest baby along with Chip from many pets. Max has a pleasant personality, but behind that he is aggressive.

This is a baby Megalodon, which appeared in Hungry Shark World in its latest update. If you want to have it, it can only be opened by buying Megalodon from Hungry Shark World. He can help the megalodon devour all prey around quickly like other pets, but will be more agile and faster. when the megalodon is busy eating big fish, crabs, stingrays, and others, then he will devour small animals around. This will make coins grow faster.


Max is a wonderful pet, so you can have it, it costs 1,500 gems. With that price, you will also automatically get Megalodon.


In the hungry shark world, you will see how max and megalodon combine extraordinary abilities. It will look beautiful when the food around can be spent in an instant by their collaboration. Don’t be curious about their abilities because you can immediately buy it now. There are several characteristics of the max, read the following:

  • Max gives your shark 20% health, this is the same as Anna Beluga whales, which gives your shark 10% health.
  • Give 8x more bonus than other animals.
  • Max will always accompany Megalodon when he attacks the enemy and eats food.
  • Has a ferocious shape with large teeth.
  • Megalodon is a true friend max, if you buy max, it must be with Megalodon.