Hungry Shark World Megalodon

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Hungry Shark World introduces you to many characters. And Megalodon is one of the characters in this game. There are lots of information pieces about this character in this article.

Basic information

Megalodon is the first unlocked shark in the Hungry Shark World. There are at least four other sharks you will find in this game such as Buzz, Zombie Shark, Atomic Shark, Killer Whale, and also Big Momma. The shark can be purchased by using coins or if you can be patient enough to play lots of games then you can get the shark for free.

Megalodon will appear on every game of Hungry Shark but two other series like Hungry Shark: Night and Hungry Shark Trilogy do not have this shark directly. Hungry Shark Evolution has Megalodon. Currently, this is the biggest shark in this game but the series of Hungry Letters will let it becomes bigger. Hungry Letters is the recent feature in this game along with others like new mechanics, new pets, and also force fields.

This shark looks like a Great White. But basically, it has different color and size, since Megalodon is way much bigger.


If you want to purchase this shark then you need 1,500 gems or 250,000 coins in your account. You can also unlock this shark by using coins after achieving 2 XXL Sharks with maximum level.

Megalodon could dive for unlimited depth and it has 431 health level, 399-speed level, 500-bite level, and 399-boost level. They can eat many things like small mines, pink jellyfish, and all evil sharks. Besides, it can break the Purple Crystal.

Enemy counterpart

Many locations are considered as the enemy counterpart of Megalodon.

The common points are such as in past of Kempy’s Fortress, Splum, and Puffin Rock. It also appears below the Military Base and Oil Rig. The right of Angler Nest is also the common spot of enemy counterpart. It can also be found below the right Golf Course. Rarely, it appears below the Shanty Town.

Trivia of Megalodon

Megalodon can be zombified and it becomes the Zombie Shark. Zombie Shark is smaller than Megalodon. Megalodon has enemy and each of them has unique variant. There is a laser that could wield the Megalodon and it only shows up on the map of South China Sea. Basically, the laser works like common laser does even though it is in the Hungry Shark World.