Hungry Shark World Narwhal and How to Defeat It

Hungry Shark World Narwhal is one of the creatures you can meet when you play the game. As information, Hungry Shark World is a game that lets you control a shark to swim around to find the prey. The preys are various starting from the fishes and any other sea animals to the other creatures they see on the land, including the human. When the shark is feeding well, the scores are getting higher. But sure, there are also many obstacles in this adventure. One of them is coming from the narwhal.

The Description of Narwhal

Slightly, you probably cannot differentiate narwhal and the dolphin. Their physical appearances during the game are relatively the same. Meanwhile, both always swim back and forth to look for the preys including the shark. Both are scary and creepy as they are able to laugh. However, the narwhal can only attack and eat the shark when the animal that you play is still in the medium size. Besides, you should also be aware of the tusks functioned to spear the prey. More importantly, the animal often appears in groups. Sure, it tends to be dangerous for your survival.

Where to See Narwhal

No matter how dangerous the narwhal is, it cannot be seen everywhere. You can just meet the groups when you pass through the Arctic Ocean. The population is quite big or it is known as fairly common. Well, but it is still under the population of jellyfishes and some other creatures in the game. Besides, when the shark has been sized at more than the medium size, you should not worry. It is not the shark that is threatened by the presence of narwhal. In contrast, you can eat them to add more scores. Sure, you still need to be really careful with the tusks they have.

How to Fight Against Narwhal

When you are still in the medium size or less, you don’t have too many choices expect to avoid meeting the animal. Yes, the tusks and its ability to eat the young shark make it not easy to defeat. You can come to narwhal when the shark’s size has been big enough. At least, both are now the balance opponents. When fighting, you need to avoid the tusks. It is better to directly eat the animal from behind since it doesn’t have any chance to attack you first. This way, your chance of winning the Hungry Shark World Narwhal is just bigger.