Hungry Shark World New Sharks

Hungry Shark World is a kind of action game which is created by Future Games of London. This game was released in London, May 5th 2016.

The New Kinds of Shark in Hungry Shark World

Some new sharks are released in Hungry Shark World game, and here they are:

  1. Ichthyosaur

This new shark is a kind of white shark which has purple eyes. It is able to warn you if there are dangers such as enemy sharks. Ichthyosaur is included in large size shark.

  1. Megamouth Shark

Just like its name, Megamouth Shark has the largest mouth in the XL group size of sharks. So that this new shark has a powerful and big bite.

  1. Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark is included in XL group size of shark. It is a powerful and strong shark which has a quick speed. But this new shark has a less health compared to any other sharks in Hungry Shark World.

  1. Pliosaur

This new shark is included in extra-large group size of sharks. Pliosaur has a long neck and also has 3 amazing abilities. It is able to bend its neck to eat edible preys, it is able to move fast on land, and also Pliosaur is able to live out of water.

  1. Basking Shark

Basking shark is included in XXL group size of shark which has a big mouth. This new shark is powerful and strong which is just suitable with its size.

  1. Whale Shark

This is the second shark which is included in XXL group size. Whale shark is a shark which is powerful and strong and looks like whale.

  1. Great White Shark

Great White Shark is the last shark which is included in XXL group size. This new kind of shark is one of the most powerful and popular shark, because it appears mostly in every game of Hungry Shark World.

  1. Megalodon

This kind of shark is deadly. You need to have at least 250.000 coins or 1.500 gems to have this Megalodon. If you often play this game, you will realize that this shark appears in the loading screen. Megalodon is the largest and the biggest kind of shark ever.

  1. Atomic Shark

You need to have at least 540.000 coins or 1.500 gems to get this new kind of shark. Atomic shark is able to heal after eating toxic barrels or junk.